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Our Mission

Operation Turn Around (OTA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide creative solutions for issues affecting underserved and disenfranchised communities within New York City. We design tools and support necessary to overcome these issues through a number of programs targeting children and young adults.

Since 2009, OTA has been providing youth an array of culturally diverse educational opportunities, such as neighborhood revitalization projects, intramural sporting events and youth empowerment circles along with options to create their own community initiatives. We have introduced hundreds to the power and voice afforded plays on Broadway and conducted several financial literacy and employment development workshops. We have received NY1 News' "Staten Islanders of the Month" award as well as recognition from NY Daily News, Staten Island Advance and SI Live for our services and dedication to the NYC community.

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Supporting Operation Turn Around

OTA would like to enlist your help to further our goals. Your generous contribution benefits everyone in the community through hands-on training, programs, and events that open doors to exciting opportunities, new worlds, new ideas, and much more!

As an organization working directly within the community, OTA relies on donations from people like you. To join us in the fruition of our goals, use the "Donate" button below to give instantly or visit our donation page for more options.

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