Block Stars

Host of OTA's 1st Annual "Urban Idol" Competition

Get ready to blow up the block with this new adventure in music! OTA provides the sound and stage for you to develop and show off your talents.

Musician Flier

Program Highlights:

"Block Stars" is premised on the idea that music can turn escape into inspiration, venting into activism and a hobby into a career. Come try something new and gain an appreciation for the science behind music technology. OTA wants to help you express ideas and emotions about the world in which we live, so go ahead, give yourself a voice and provide inspiration to others. You get access to musical equipment, quality instruction and self-esteem building performance opportunities, including our very own "Urban Idol" competition. Think you can win?

Songs do not materialize on their own. Thoughtful lyrics require critical thinking and language skills. Captivating vocals demand an artistic and courageous soul, and choreographing routines necessitates teamwork. Instruction will be given to all participants on the proper use and handling of equipment, which will be available for practice only through sign up. Students will be responsible for care and maintenance of equipment. Respect it or lose it! And who knows, maybe you'll find a career in music.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Stage Set Up and Lighting
  • Microphones and PA Systems
  • Speakers, Amps & Mixers
  • Dance/Step/Choreography
  • Chords and Vocals
  • Beatbox & Rap
  • Very Funny Comedy
  • Spoken Word
  • Instrumentation/Music Theory
  • Scratch and Spin
  • Song Writing & Composition
  • Recording
  • Drumline/Percussion
  • Open Mic Studio
  • Urban Idol Competition

If interested, take the first step toward discovering your uniqueness and talent by dropping us a line at: