Get Involved

Operation Turn Around is helping to build communities of promise and greatness. OTA cannot survive and grow without your participation. Now, more than ever, it is vital for OTA to reach as many people as possible. Supporters are always finding new and creative ways to participate, from volunteering at nearby events to speaking about OTA with others in their area.

Ways You Can Get Involved:

Spread the Word

OTA might work within your community, but it doesn't mean people know about it. There are a number of ways for individuals and groups to spread the word. This includes speaking about your experiences and sharing with others using social media outlets such as: becoming a fan on Facebook, following OTA on Twitter, or networking with us on LinkedIn.


OTA is a non-profit organization funded through individual donations. EVERY contribution makes a difference.


OTA relies heavily on the support of its volunteers. We have internships and volunteer opportunities at almost every level of our organization. Send us an email telling us how you would like to help out.

Become a Member

OTA Membership is the perfect way to participate, get involved, stay active, and give back; you can even personalize your own initiatives.

Apply for an Internship

Gain valuable experience in your field and placement assistance through Operation Turn Around.

Give Feedback

It is our pleasure to serve you. Tell us what you think of OTA. Teach us how we can better assist our communities by e-mailing suggestions or attending one of our community meetings.

Send Us a Service Idea

Many of our most compelling programs come from people like YOU!

Success Stories

Need some inspiration? Find out what others have done to make their OTA experiences valuable within their communities.