Membership in OTA

Do you have ideas that could help the organization? Would you like to play a more integral role or be recognized for your support? Then you should consider applying for membership.

What Membership Entails

Membership in OTA means joining a team of positive, dedicated, forward-thinking people. It allows you to exercise your strengths and abilities, using innovative methods to directly help others. OTA members are creative and varied in thinking, age, personal background and location, yet we are all individuals committed to making a difference. Members attend meetings and events regularly and make measurable contributions toward the success of the organization. OTA believes in empowering its members. Through membership, you will gain skills, insights and experience while maintaining a focus driven path toward improving your community.

How to Apply

Please click the link to download our application form. Return your completed form along with your CV or resume and submit payment for your desired membership level. Forms may be scanned and e-mailed to or sent by post to the address on the form. Please be as thorough as possible when informing us how you can be of assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Membership Application Fee