Programs at OTA

Several of OTA's programs have been designed and implemented by members of the community. There's no limit to the number you can be involved in, so start exploring today!

Community Meetings

OTA currently organizes "town hall" style meetings for members of the NYC community where we: 1) discuss issues residents face; 2) provide feedback on OTA's activities in the community; and 3) notify community members of current events, activities and news. Meetings take place approximately once a month.

To get in on the action, call 718-815-6310 or e-mail:

Tournament Flier

"Shaolin Classic" Family Fun Fest

The Shaolin Classic is an annual festival for youth and residents. OTA hosts basketball games and music while our community partners set up resource tables offering tips and information on classes, programs and various other events. We usually feature a talent showcase and invite vendors to serve up their scrumptious street food or a barbecue meal. This is one of our favorite events of the summer.

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Musician Flier

Block Stars

Get ready to blow up the block with this new adventure in music! OTA provides the sound and stage for you to develop and show off your talents.

For more information on becoming a "Block Star", e-mail:

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Respect UR Hood

Respect UR Hood is part of OTA's going GREEN initiative. It may take years to get signs replaced and potholes filled, but we can play our part by respecting our community and taking care of public property. OTA wants to change the way people view our streets. This is where we live, not a dump. We should care for it and keep it clean. Lets spread some GREEN in this concrete jungle!

For more information or to work on the "Respect UR Hood" Campaign, e-mail:

Sister's Circle

Sister Circle Flier

Young ladies, this is a place totally for YOU! OTA's Sister Circle is a safe place where young women can connect and become empowered. The Sister Circle builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the community a better place.

Find your place in our Sister Circle, e-mail:

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Book Club Flier

Sankofa Book Club

Are you intrested in reading but live a quintessential NYC lifestyle? Do you have interesting thoughts about a book and no place to express them? Too busy to go to a group session? Then check out the Sankofa Book Club. We meet online, share our thoughts, and Skype our meetings. You can participate on your Smartphone, PC or E-book, so go fetch your favorite books and get ready to share your views with interesting people from all over the world.

For more information or to join the Sankofa Book Club, e-mail:

Employment Seminar Flier

Employment Development Seminar

Seek more than just a paycheck from your career. This seminar features conversations and workshops designed to improve the way you think about work and illuminate the path to better jobs. Guest speakers from highly satisfying fields will share insight and tips to help you gain an edge on the competition and get where you want to be.

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365 Black: "All Black Everything"

Throughout the year, and especially in February, OTA celebrates Black History by hosting community events such as: 1) local music, poetry, art and theater performances; 2) community trivia nights; 3) community potlucks; and 4) a speaker series to educate the community about black history.

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C.R.E.A.M. Flier

C.R.E.A.M. Financial Literacy Workshop

Learn skills to pay the bills and why "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" at Operation Turn Around's financial literacy course. You will enhance your financial literacy, increase financial gains and learn how to become (and remain) debt free.

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Broadway Flier

Play with Culture Series

OTA brings you closer to the stage through our Play with Culture series. Join OTA for a Broadway experience like no other and discuss how culture plays an important role in community.

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Throw-back Clothing Drive

On an ongoing basis, OTA collects salvageable clothing, shoes and other items and donates them to individuals in need, both within the NYC community and abroad. If you'd like to donate, help collect or help direct these items, please get in touch with us at

"Bring it Back": Lending a Helping Hand

OTA currently gives members an opportunity to develop social awareness and leadership skills by planning their own community service initiatives. Participants research community needs, recruit co-workers and volunteers and organize their own projects. Such initiatives have included family workshops, building homes, sporting events, serving at homeless shelters and attending municipal events. OTA hosts these initiatives on an ongoing basis as members develop ideas for projects. If you have ideas that will benefit our community, please get in touch with us at