Success with OTA

Operation Turn Around has helped countless people take charge of their lives and redefine what it means to live. Their stories stand as a testiment to the individual courage it takes to change one's behavior and the power and effectiveness of a community working together. We hope reading them will inspire you to make a difference in your own way, and we would love to hear about your successes soon!

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Spending Less and Feeling Better

I never realized just how much money went to things that were unimportant, like junk food and cigarettes. OTA's financial literacy program helped me track these expenditures, and now I'm saving to take my kids on a trip to see their grandparents. - Philip S.

Me! on Broadway

I always thought Broadway plays were lame and for rich people's amusement. But seeing Fela! on Broadway totally changed my point of view. I woke up to the power of the arts and have determined to live my life with more meaning. Thanks Fela! and OTA! - Kori W.